KeepFocus is a purpose-driven business: We stop the waste of water and energy and everything else. Our enemy is waste and our partners are companies and institutions that share our passion.

We believe that the first step in stopping waste is to know precisely how much we waste and where the waste takes place. That’s what our Open Metering System (OMS) does. We are prepared to connect you to any meter or sensor, and to validate data so that you can rely on the information you get. We started with energy and water meters, but today we will connect with any meter or sensor. Such as smoke sensor, CO2, temperature, humidity, leakage meter and O2 etc.

The second step is engagement of managers and employees. That’s what our visualization and dialogue tools do. We have multiple formats in stock, but our software and user experience teams will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

The only thing that matters to us is the impact we can create together with you.

Our approach is humble. You have domain knowledge, we have systems knowledge. Together we can make Big things happen. Big value from Big data.

Big value from Big data

Stop the Waste has been our mantra since 1993. Originally we focused on water and energy, but today we can help stop any waste. We are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) because we generate, collect, process and aggregate vast amounts of data from meters and sensors for the benefit of both consumers, corporates and institutions. What sets KeepFocus apart is not the amounts of data that we process, but our track record in making big data create big value.

We started by connecting thousands of meters in commercial buildings to our data hub in order to help building managers understand and deal with their massive waste of water and energy. We didn’t just give fish to hungry people; we taught them to fish. With KeepFocus, building managers constantly eliminate sources of waste for the benefit of both people, profit and planet. We also help to split the energy bill into different categories that are taxed differently and we produce green accounts by pressing a button. Big value from Big data.

More to come …

We are now serving a growing number of housing associations with a unique solution that inspires tenants to reduce energy and water waste and greatly improves the relationship between the housing association and its members. Big value from Big data.

…and there is more to come.