Put energy consumption on the agenda with Dashboards

KeepFocus Dashboards is a modern dashboard that visualises the energy consumption in a relevant and tangible way.

Our Dashboard solutions are adapted to our customers’ needs. The flexible solution allows you to boost the visibility of the energy consumption patterns in all corners of the organisation: among visitors, partners, employees, customers, students etc.

Since the Dashboard is build with responsive design it may be accessed from info screens, mobile phones, iPads and other tablets, computers etc. depending on the target group.

A modular tool with many purposes

People make a difference – not technology.
The meaning with Dashboards is to include the human ressources more systematically as a tool to boost energy savings.

KeepFocus Dashboards are used for different purposes, and the customer selects the modules relevant for the objective and the target group.

From intention to action with new habits

When concentrating on energy use in the daily life, people transform into effective energy ambassadors that help boost the energy optimisation activities.

Surveys show that the Danes are generally good at saving energy at home, and the Dashboards provide a range of tools to put waste and climate on the agenda and benefit from your employees’, visitors’, customers’ and partners’ knowledge and willingness to act differently.

For shops, schools, companies and organisations that work intensively with energy optimisation and wish to market themselves with a green profile, Dashboards can be used to support their marketing efforts by supporting and documenting the green measures.

We constantly develop new modules, but a few features that deserve to be highlighted are:

Live data of the electricity production of the solar cells

Hour values of an energy type the last 24 hours

Percentage of an energy type over the last 14 days

Uncovering abnormal use with alarms

Use related to every day products