Flexible and agile housing administration

Validated data for the individual billing accounts

At KeepFocus we are specialists in data collection, data validation and data communication, and our housing solutions ensure that you have correct and accurate documentation for all consumption data in each apartment.

Our energy management platform, App.KeppFocus, provides online access to all your data, and with hourly values you are guaranteed detailed and reliable data extraction for your individual billing accounts. The platform visualises big data in a user friendly and manageable way, making it accessible for different target groups.

From intention to action

For more than 25 years we have been developing software that assist private and public companies gaining control of their energy consumption.

The climate debate has developed a demand for solutions aimed at individuals, and we have for several years been developing platforms to inspire, motivate and guide consumers to break with old habits and take control of their energy consumption.

Sustainability and energy savings are no longer something we talk about – it is something we do – and our services help generate good habits.

energy management

energy management tool  User friendly energy management tool
consumption data  Online hour values of consumption data
billing accounts  Validated documentation for the billing accounts
Alarm options  Flexible alarm options

cards energiforbrug

energy use  Motivation tool
consumption data  Visualisation of consumption data and effect
energy saving tips  Savings tips
energy alarms  Individual alarm setup

The Sustainability Barometer

Advice A/S is a Danish communication consultancy agency. In June 2019 they published the “Sustainability Barometer” – a report mapping the Danes’ attitude towards a number of climate and environmental issues.

The report reveals a genuine concern among the Danes and establishes that the Danes expect the government to do a sincere effort to turn the current development around.

You can read more about the Sustainability Barometer here.

Can we help with you billing accounts?

We are ready to answer any questions you might have about KeepFocus and what we can do for you.

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