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You manage a multi-dwelling complex with thousands of tenants. In the ideal world you would want to install and seamlessly connect a wide range of meters and sensors from different suppliers to your choice of ERP and billing systems. That’s what KeepFocus does and that’s what we call free choice. We will help you connect any respectable meter, sensor, ERP and billing system through our data hub into a platform that serves your purpose. We will help you inspire tenants to reduce the energy and water waste, and as an added benefit, you can now communicate directly, individually and real time with every single tenant. Big value from Big data.

This is nice-to-have, but also need-to-have as the European Union Energy Directive (EED, no. 2012/27/EU) obliges you to bill heating individually to each tenant based on meters, and to inform tenants about ongoing energy usage with summaries 3-4 times each year. Moreover, hot water usage should be individually metered where feasible.

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