Sustainability and behvioral changes

Sustainability and behavioral change

Sustainability, environment protection and energy savings is not something we talk about. It is something we do.

The requirement that we impose on politicians and companies are increasing, and as citizens we expect them to take the climate issues seriously. The will to change is strong, and we also tend to be more observant to implement personal changes to our everyday behavior.

But behavioral change does not come by itself. If we don’t know what to do differently, we continue in the same track as always, and even when we do know what needs to change, we may not know what to put instead.

For several years KeepFocus has been developing solutions to support habit breaking within different target groups via different platforms.

Knowledge makes us conscious about our consumption patterns

At KeepFocus we have two solutions designed specifically for encouraging new habits and behavioral change for different target groups. The one thing they have in common is the communication of data in an intelligible and suggestive way.

The disseminated information is the consumption figures for electricity, water and heat (or other units connected to the system). The way it is communicated, is with reference and comparison to other factors, which overall gives a good sense of the consumption level. When the information we get is useful and relevant, it increases our awareness and motivation to change our behavior.

motivation Motivation tool
consumption data Visualisation of consumption data and effect
savings tips Savings tips
flexible alarms Individual alarm setup

Motivation gets us started. Habits make us continue.

Once we have enough knowledge to see the bigger picture, we are more inspired to act in ways that make sense within that context. Knowledge allows us to understand, what can be done differently and motivates us to change our behavior.

According to NASA, it takes between 21-40 days to develop a habit. It is only when your behaviour change turns into habits that it has a long-term sustainable effect, and if behavioral change should take up as new habits, it is essential to keep the motivation for a longer period of time, which has been our approach in the development of our behaviour solutions.

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