About KeepFocus

Aerial photo of KeepFocus main office near AQUA in Silkeborg

About KeepFocus

A professional partner for ambitious energy leaders

For almost three decades, KeepFocus has taken the lead in developing energy saving solutions for organisations as well as public and private corporations.

Our solutions are designed to visualise the energy consumption in a way that provides both a quick overview and a detailed insight in the consumption patterns.

Both are essential for energy management and energy optimisation, and it has been crucial for us to create a visual and user friendly tool, which incorporates the functionality to make energy optimisation and facility management services less time consuming and more accessible.

More than just data display

We have more than 25 years of experience with energy data, and we have over the years integrated our knowledge about climate correction, data history, consumption purposes, area adjustment and many other conditions in our solutions. Our purpose was and remains to create a platform that allows to make conclusions on a reliable and qualified basis. Because data is so much more than just data.

The tip of the iceberg

Today our solutions are primarily used for monitoring the energy consumption and in this way uncover overconsumption, waste and leaks. The clear overview of all buildings, departments or units makes it possible to identify unnecessary use, standby-consumption and other irregularities that can help bring down the use of ressources.

The system is not limited to water and energy meters, and ambitious energy leaders use KeepFocus to strategically control their production planning and exploit the use of green energy sources. Being able to access the energy data with hour values makes the task of planning and controlling the use in an appropriate way more accessible.

Facilitating good habits

KeepFocus helps minimise the waste of ressources.

People – not systems – make a change, and there is a huge potential to be found in the human ressources of the organisation, tenants, customers etc.

This is why KeepFocus has developed a range of tools that increase the motivation for putting intention into action for various target groups.
The purpose of our solutions is to create attention to energy consumption and through knowledge and guidance inspire to new habits. By focusing on our own behaviour and the potential of incorporating small – but efficient – changes, we use common sense to ensure a more sustainable and responsible use of ressources.

The history of KeepFocus

Claus Humlum established Humlum Energy Consult oon March 1st 1993.

In 1998 Knud Erik Jensen bought his way into the company, and together, Claus and Knud Erik represented a solid experience within automation and energy consulting. This coorporation led to the development of visionary patented systems for energy monitoring.

In 1999 Lars Kolind invested in the project, and the company KeepFocus was established.

In 2001 the first installations were installed. Soon KeepFocus could document excellent results with the EnergyGuard solution.

In 2016 KeepFocus was sold to the German coorporation KALORIMETA AG & Co.

In 2018 noventic group was founded as a holding company with subsidiaries Qundis and Smarvis, Kalo, IKW and KeepFocus.

2022: KeepFocus today employs 23 staff members in the main office in Silkeborg.