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App.Keepfocus is your shortcut to efficient energy management

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App.KeepFocus is an efficient energy management tool that communicates big data in a visual and user friendly way.

App.KeepFocus collects all energy data from different departments, buildings or units into one system, which makes the task of energy optimisation easier and more accessible – also for less technically experienced users.

All energy data is accessible with hour values, which makes it possible to monitor the energy consumption in depth. This offers some unique opportunities to chart and understand the consumption and identify ways to save energy.

Examples of the App.KeepFocus functionality:

icon symbolising standby consumption with constant energy use shown on the left of a vertical bar and actual non-constant consumtion shown on the right

stand-by consumption  Discover stand-by consumption

Hour values make it possible to inspect the time periods, where the premises are not in use and there should be no energy consumption. In case a meter shows activity 24 hours a day, and it can not be explained by use, it is identified as stand-by consumption, which can be acted upon.

icon symbolises excessive energy use. Rising bar graph with upward arrow

overconsumption  Discover overconsumption

The high level of data detail in App.KeepFocus allows for making comparisons that indicate whether or not the consumption is reasonable with consideration for climate correction, age, general condition of the building etc. If you compare buildings with similar purposes (e.g. the commune’s kindergartens) and their consumption levels are very different, it is a good indication that there is a savings potential to be found in one or more of the buildings.
In case of deviations that can not be explained by special circumstances (weather, refurbishments etc.) compared to the same time period in previous years, an examination of the cause could prove to be effective.

Running water tap shows risks of water leaks

waste  Waste

A running toilet or a leak in the pipes can become a costly affair, if not discovered in time. App.KeepFocus is equipped with a flexible alarm system that draws your attention to abnormal consumption, which in the end can save you from a high water bill if something is wrong.

icon symbolises reports of energy use for the energy tax management

energy reports  Reports

Documentation is essential for both private and public corporations. App.KeepFocus allows for you to extract data for reports for various purposes (e.g. documentation for your tax deduction accounts or CSR activities).