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Personal energy information makes people reflect on their energy use

Save energy – save money

The cheapest energy is the one you don’t use.
Buildings are accountable for 36% of the global energy consumption and for almost 40% of the total direct and indirect CO2-emissions.

If we want to reduce the CO2 emissions, energy use in buildings is thus a really good place to start, and the EU wishes to itensify the efforts for helping housing association residents  save energy.

The means to succeed is energy visualisation. The theory is that access to survey our own energy consumption increases our awareness of the effects of our behaviour and that knowledge will increase the desire to make a change.

By allowing the residents to follow their use of electricity, water and heat on demand, you enable them to make more sustanable choises on a day-to-day basis.

Does it work…?

It seems so. At least if they have access to consult their consumption on-demand and with hourly consumption data.

DTU (Technical University of Denmark) has conducted a research project on the effects of energy visualisation with KeepFocus Cards among residents in housing associations, and the results were convincing.

Earlier international attemps show energy savings of 2-10% by using energy visualisation, however DTU concluded in their final report that the use of KeepFocus Cards made the use of electricity drop by 15%, the use of hot water by 34% and heat by 60%.

This is how Cards work

Cards show the residents their personal energy use on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The integrated comparisons to previous levels of consumption allow for the residents to identify whether or not their use ”today” is higher than other days and to see how much they have spent, month by month and year by year.

Comparisons to other residents points out if their energy use is high, suitable or low, and the system collects data every hour, which makes understanding the consumption levels tangible. For instance, is becomes clear how a long shower or the use of the oven for an hour affects their energy accounts.

Cards is the ”little helper” that assists the residents saving money on the annual energy cost allocation and do something good for the climate at the same time.

Energivisualisering til beboere. Cards logo. Cards visualiserer energiforbruget på forskellige kort, hvilket logoet viser
In one year I saved 3.928,- kroner by using Cards. I spent that money on my summer holiday
Susanne NielsenBo Vest
En hjælpende hånd til energibesparelser