Energy Cost Allocation

accounting in housing administration validated data for energy cost allocation

Easier facility management with data collection every hour

The legislation related to individual billing in residential properties is very clear about how to invoice the energy consumption of the residents.

Most importantly, all residents must be invoiced for their actual consumption, and it is important for both resident and landlord that the consumption invoice can not be questioned.

KeepFocus collects data every hour, which assures both resident and landlord detailed and reliable documentation for the energy cost allocation. The hourly values make it possible to monitor the energy consumption with accurate and precise data, which will reveal leaks, running toilets, standby-consumption or use of “heavy” devices instantly. Your data will in these cases serve as a convenient tool to ease case handling and communication between resident and landlord.

energy savings with a professional energy management tool

Our energy management platform App.KeepFocus provides profound knowledge of the energy consumption – both overall and down to the minor detail – on meter level.

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