Energy Management (EMS) for private companies

Let us facilitate your energy management efforts

The energy management solution from KeepFocus provides a range of functional technical solutions that will bring your energy optimisation efforts to the next level.

With online access to all your energy data in one system, you get a useful overview of the combined consumption of all your buildings on meter level, and with automatic data collection and integration, you can focus on what is important.

Advanced technology on a user friendly platform

Behind the intuitive user interface is an advanced and thoroughly tested software, which is designed for visualising the energy consumption in ways that uncover waste and overconsumption as well as identifying the savings potential.

energy managementenergy User friendly energy management tool
consumption data Online hour values of consumption data
billing accounts Validated documentation for the billing accounts
alarms Flexible alarm setup

dashboardsmotivation tool Motivation tool
energy management Data visualisation
energy control Visualisation of effect
savings tips Savings tips

Full tax deduction for your process energy

Since we collect data on an hourly basis, you are guaranteed validated data for your green accounting as well as detailed documentation for your process energy.

What is process energy?

Process energy is energy spent on your business.
In order to qualify as process energy, two main conditions must be met:

energy  The energy must be used for production, where the product has undergone changes.

tax deductions  The energy must be used on creating a product meant for sale.

The special feature of process energy is that is authorised for tax deductions, which can amount to a significant sum. The Danish Tax Administration (SKAT) uses standard rates for the allocation of energy use as either process or non-process energy, and unless you have documentation for your actual process energy, SKAT will make the calculation based on their standard rates.

In most cases, the actual process energy will be higher than SKAT’s estimates, and your eligible tax deduction be higher than estimated by SKAT, so it can be worthwhile to take control of your energy use.

Would you like to know more about how we can assist you in your energy optimisation efforts?

We are ready to assist if you would like to know more about how KeepFocus can help you with your energy optimisation and documentation for your tax deduction accounts.

Michael Kragh Sand

Key Account Manager

+45 22 12 60 17


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