Energy Management (EMS)

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Energy management is the art of taking control of your energy consumption

In order to do this effectively, you need a reliable tool to uncover every detail of your energy consumption to discover and locate overconsumption and waste.

App.KeepFocus is our energy management tool. As one of the first energy management tools on the market and with more than 15 operating years, it is a thoroughly tested and progressive tool to simplify big data in a way that provides a visual, accessible and understandable overview of their energy consumption – on meter level.

App.KeepFocus collects and records consumption data every hour, which provides a completely new range of opportunities compared to measurements on a daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Using energy visualisation to achieve energy optimisation.

Our solutions are used for readings of electricity, water, heat, temperatures, CO2, humidity, sun cells or any other unit connected to our software platform.

Behind the user friendly interface you find a very useful tool, which among other things is used for:

saving potentials  Identifying the savings potential of buildings or processes
indoor environment  To monitor the indoor environment
water leaks  To discover leaks before the consumption escalates, creating a risk of mold
stop energy waste  To stop waste
individual billing accounts  Data retrieval for individual billing accounts
energy billing  Documentation for tax deductions
green accounting  Data retrieval for green accounting
energy billing  Seperating the energy billing

Everything is accessible with only a few clicks in our system, and with automatic data collection, there is no need for on-location and manual reading.

We collect data every hour, which provides a range of unique conditions for taking control of the energy consumption and uncover the savings potential.

Several decades of experience with energy related data

Since the beginning, we have been in front of the development of advanced software solutions for energy optimisation – even before it was modern – and we still develop solutions designed for transforming our world into a more sustainable and resillient place, because it is more necessary now than ever before.

energy savings with a professional energy management tool

tjek på dataopsamling og energiledelse User friendly energy management tool

tjek på dataopsamling og energiledelse Collects data from sensors and meters in one system and processes it in an easily accessible way

tjek på dataopsamling og energiledelse Includes functions to make energy analysis, manuel reading, alarms and many more

tjek på dataopsamling og energiledelse Exports fast and easily data for i.e. invoicing, green accounting or tax reimbursement

May we help you benefit the most from your energy management efforts?

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