Energy Management Systems (EMS) for public institutions

energy data from all public units in one system saves time and provides a reliable basis for comparison

One solution for all your public buildings

It is our task to facilitate your energy management efforts, and we have created a system that provides access to all your energy data from one platform. This guarantees a quick overview of all your energy data from all your buildings and different units.

More than just data display

Our energy management tool, App.KeepFocus, is specifically developed to communicate big data in a visual and user friendly way, and our many years of expertise developing technology designed for energy management is the reason why App.KeepFocus today represents a technically advanced platform, which is much more than just data reading and data display.

We are constantly developing and have over the years incorporated our comprehensive knowledge about climate correction, data history, consumption purpose, area adjustments and many other conditions, and you can feel assured that your conclusions are formed on a secure and reliable basis.

We acknowledge the importance of having an overview in order to understand what should be done differently, and we know that documentation is crucial for energy management. It has been our goal to create a system that includes the necessary functions to effectively perform energy optimisation in large and small organisations – and we are in all modesty proud of the significant results our customers achieve with our services.

energy savings with a professional energy management tool

User friendly energy management tool
Online hour values of consumption data
Validated documentation for the billing accounts
Flexible alarm setup

Employee drinks coffee and uses the energy management platform app.KeepFocus to compare energy consumption with the previous year

Our customers particularly value:

yes to efficient energy optimization Automatic data collection every hour
yes to efficient energy optimization Flexible analysis tools
yes to efficient energy optimization Transparent comparisons
yes to efficient energy optimization Documentation for green accounting and CSR
yes to efficient energy optimization Free choice of supplier and service partner, free of long commitment contracts


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