energy data More than 25 years of experience with energy related data
advanced software Advanced software on a user friendly platform
hour values data collection Automatic data collection every hour
energy management More than just data

energy management Efficient energy management tool
standby consumption Identify stand-by consumption
advanced alarm options Stop waste with advanced alarm options
property management Save time on property management

energy consumption Detailed overview of your energy consumption
green accounting Reports for your CSR and green accounting
process energy Reliable documentation for your process energy
tax deduction Correct tax deduction

billing accounts Validated data for the billing accounts
property management Efficient and time saving property management
energy data Improved case handling with complaints
housing Improved communication to tenants

  • Push free choice of meters/sensors (OMS)

  • Offer free choice of Data-hub as part of true OMS

  • Push free choice of consultants for energy savings etc.

  • Push free choice of billing partner and process

  • Offer free choice of software apps

  • Push free choice of installation and service partner

Qualitative Mission

Aim for stopping waste of resources, destruction of buildings and establish a better indoor climate by creating solutions for changing peoples behaviour.