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Professional energy management and energy efficient building management

Energy efficient building management reduces energy consumption and is one of the areas where you can gain the highest CO2 benefit at the lowest cost.

For almost 30 years, KeepFocus’ platform has been a recognised tool for energy optimisation in private companies and public institutions. In the last copuple of years, the system has gained increased popularity in the public housing sector, due to its flexible and unique design, allowing to collect resident consumption data for the annual distribution accounts and perform professional energy management on the same platform.

The building’s energy data is unified in one system, allowing for the housing administrator to compare the energy consumption across departments, equipment rooms, blocks, foyers, apartments and down to each meter – by the hour.

A shared tool for housing administrator and the general facilities officer

As the housing administrator you need a system that collects the redisents’ consumption data correctly for the annual division accounts.

With App.keepfocus you also get a user friendly platform, which allows for you to survey the redisents’ consumption on an hourly basis on meter level. In this way you will be in the best position to discover irregularities, such as abnormal, no or a negative consumption.

Your general facilities officer can define alarms to discover waste and damange or compare data to find inadequate pipe insulation, poor air quality or insufficient cooling.

By unifying the overall building management and the reditents’ consumption data in the same system, you will get a deep knowledge of the energy consumption – from cellar to attic – and will be able to make qualified decisions of measures that will make your building management more sustainable.

The difference in the world

For almost 30 years, KeepFocus has been the market leader developing solutions to make sustainable building management easier for the entire management chain – from strategy to planning and day-to-day operations.

Sustainability and energy savings is no longer something we talk about – it is something we do – and our services help generate good habits.

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energy management tool  User friendly energy management tool
consumption data  Online hour values of consumption data
billing accounts  Validated documentation for the billing accounts
Alarm options  Flexible alarm options

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energy use  Motivation tool
consumption data  Visualisation of consumption data and effect
energy saving tips  Savings tips
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