Open Metering Systems (OMS)

Competitive prices and better negotiation terms

We deliver your data – you choose supplier – from meter to service partner.
Your free choice allows for you to take control of whom should handle purchase, component choice, installation, software, service, data collection and surveillance, and since you are not tied to a supplier for longer than he brings you value, you are better placed to obtain better prices and better service.

Why do we talk about free choice and OMS-meters?

Traditionally in the energy sector, when choosing an energy partner, you were tied to an overall solution, where meters, sensors, installation, service and data were all handled by the same energy partner – with a binding period of up to ten years.

This monopoly was possible, because the suppliers could use meters that were locked to their own standard and thus not readable to others.

OMS (Open Metering System) is the European meter standard for open communication and digital infrastructure, and since OMS meters are open for reading, KeepFocus challenges the traditional model by offering the same services and the same products at significantly more competitive prices and under better negotiation terms.