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It is not technology that makes a change – but it does make it easier.

At KeepFocus we strive to minimise waste and bring down the energy consumption. We have developed a range of products that in different ways make it easier to understand where the energy goes and what can be done differently.

App.KeepFocus is our energy management tool, which is used by local authorities, private undertakings, housing associations and organisations.

It is a user friendly program that visualises energy related data in a way that provides both a clear overview and a full insight in the energy consumption with hour values.

App.KeepFocus is an efficient tool with a wide range of advanced functionality that make energy management easier, less time consuming and accessible.

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KeepFocus Dashboards is one of our motivation tools.

It is a modern dashboard that visualises the energy consumption in a dynamic and meaningful way, helping companies, shops, schools and local authorities put energy consumption on the agenda. By drawing attention to energy and heat consumption on a daily basis, you develop a potential for transforming employees, customers, partners, students, teachers etc. to become energy ambassadors in your efforts to reduce your energy consumption.

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KeepFocus Cards is also one of our motivation tools.

It is a unique service made for motivating residents in rental apartments to bahavioural change that has a positive effect on the energy consumption.

Cards is a personalised display of each tenant’s electricity, water and heat consumption. When this information is compared to previous consumption patterns or cost, it is followed by an interest in monitoring the effects of own behaviour.

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